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Within the North Wales region we have some very high profile teams. Llanberis Mountain Rescue team may well be one of the busiest teams in the world, never mind the UK, and Ogwen Valley MRO sits amongst the top 10 busiest teams in the UK. Both these teams are well known and attract the support of many people. For NWMRA though it is supporting the less well known teams that is our main aim. They might not be as active or as well funded but they are a vital part of the Rescue infrastructure. These teams must be as committed, have the same equipment, be trained to the same high standard and must be available 24/7 365 days a year.
Snowdonia is now recognised as the adventure capital of the UK with a wide range of activities and excitement on offer. With so many more coming into the area, we want to ensure we provide you with the best service we can and that means making sure each team has the resources it needs to carry out their vital work.
You can support this by making donations to NWMRA and helping all the teams in the region.


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Local Giving

We have teamed up with Local Giving. Local Giving lets you make one off donations, make a regular donation, or run your own fundraising campaign on our behalf.

To find out more, please visit the North Wales Mountain Rescue Association Local Giving page.

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We are always pleased to receive donations from our supporters in person, if you would like to make a presentation please get in touch.