Môn Search and Rescue is an operational member team of Lowland Rescue™ which is a national association of search and rescue teams based and operating in lowland areas across the United Kingdom.

Môn-SAR is the first lowland search and rescue team in Wales and undertakes searches in lowland and urban areas (up to 600 metres). Such searches on Anglesey were carried out by neighbouring Mountain Rescue Teams in Snowdonia, but these teams are under increasing demand and the creation of Môn-SAR in 2015 means that there is now a dedicated lowland search and rescue team for operations on the Island. Môn-SAR are tasked by North Wales Police and supplements the existing professional and volunteer search and rescue agencies on the Island and the North Wales mainland, such as the Coastguard, RNLI, Cave Rescue, our neighbouring Mountain Rescue Teams and SARDA Wales search dogs.

Our main type of call-out is searching for vulnerable missing people, so our volunteer members are highly trained in search techniques, adapted to the category of missing person (for example, someone who is despondent, living with dementia or autism or living with mental health issues). We also support other search and research organisations on the mainland if the need arises.